We Will Be At NHI 2018 In Guangzhou, China From Dec.4th-6th
- Nov 19, 2018 -

We will be at NHI in Guangzhou ,China  from December 4th to 6th,2018.Our booth number is 13.1D48 .Warmly welcome to visit us!


Our main products have organic food Ingredients (organic pea protein/organic rice protein/ organic hemp protein/organic black protein/organic pumpkin protein etc.);Organic vegetable powder (Organic beet powder/organic broccoli powder/organic garlic powder/organic onion powder/organic carrot powder etc.);Organic mushroom extract powder(organic reishi mushroom extract powder/organic maitake mushroom extract powder/organic chaga mushroom extract powder/organic shiitake mushroom extract powder etc. );Functional extract powder .