What is sunflower lecithin
- Jan 03, 2019 -

Sunflower lecithin Powder is a phospholipid found in sunflower seeds.The fatty material is obtained by dehydrating sunflower seeds and separating them into oil, gum and othersolids.Lecithin benefits is a by-product of the gelatinous dehydration process.Nutritionally, it is an emulsifier that gives food its viscosity.Sunflower lecithin is often used in baked goods such as chocolate, margarine and muffins.

Compared to soy lecithin, sunflower seed lecithin extraction has more stearic acid and linoleic acid,which has a function of lowering cholesterol . Their oleic acid levels are comparable and therefore beneficial for reducing the risk of heart disease. In addition, some studies have found that the content of choline in Sunflower lecithin Powder is more. What's more ,many people also use sunflower lecithin as a nutraceutical, which is good for brain health.

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