Organic Tomato Powder supply
- Jan 23, 2019 -

1. Product Name:Factory Supply Organic SD/Spray Dried Tomato Powder

2 Appearance: Red Fine Powder

3. Specification: 100%natural

4. Particle Size: 80 Mesh

5. Test Method: TLC

6. Solubility: Well soluble in water

7. Grade: Food Grade

8.Process Type: Air dried/ Spray dried



  100% natural

  No synthetic pigments

  No chemical essences or flavors

  No preservative agents


1. Tomato Powder ,Food field it is mainly used as food additives for colorant and health  care;

2. Tomato Powder ,Cosmetic field, it is mainly used to whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV      protection;

3. Tomato Powder ,Pharmaceutical field, it is made into capsule to prevent cancer.


1 . Tomato Powder ,Prevent cancer and protection of the cardiovascular;

2 . Tomato Powder, Anti-ultraviolet radiation , Anti-aging and enhancing immunity;

3 . Tomato Powder ,Suppression mutagenesis and improving skin allergies;

4 . Tomato Powder improving a variety of body tissues;

5 . Tomato Powder prevent osteoporosis, lower blood pressure, relieve asthma.

6 . Tomato Powder prevent prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis and other urological diseases;

7.  Tomato Powder improve sperm quality, reduce the risk of infertility.

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