High quality 100% natural 20%-40% Common FlaxSeed P.E.
- Dec 19, 2018 -

100% natural 20%-40% Common FlaxSeed P.E.

Flax, suitable for growing in the cold climate in northern China,  is an important oil-bearing crops. Flaxseed lignans is the latest generation of natural plant estrogen.The main ingredient is " secoisolariciresinol diglucoside ", usually  is called as SDG. 
SDG has two-way functions: as plant estrogen,it has weak estrogen and anti-estrogen effect.  When  estrogen is high concentration  in human ,the SDG can adjust estrogen ; when human deficient estrogen, the SDG can substitute estrogen partially.
The molecular formula of SDG is C32H46O16, and its molecular weight is 686.71 daltons. The aglycone of SDG is also known as 2, 3-bis (3-methoxy-4-hydroxybenzyl) butane-1, 4-diol. Enterolactone is also known as trans-2, 3-bis [(3-hydroxylphenyl) methyl]-butyrolactone. 
Flaxseed lignans used in medicine, health food, cosmetics, and functional food, can ease the discomfort of menopause, the menstrual conditioning, the prevention of breast cancer, cosmetic whitening, skin conditioners, and other significant effects. And also for some of the male hormone related to high male disease prevention, such as prostatitis, such as hair loss.

Main Function: 

1.Flax seed extract powder used to lose weight. Can burn surplus fat of Body;

2.Flax seed extract powder will reduce allergic reaction, reduce asthma, improve arthritis;

3.Flax seed extract powder with the function of improving female menstrual period syndrome;

4.Flax seed extract powder can reduce the bad influence of hazardous chemicals produced when under pressure, control Stress, reduce depression and insomnia;

5.Flax seed extract powder will improve skin fat content, moisten the skin smooth, soft and flexible, make the skin breath and sweat to normal, to mitigate various skin problems.

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