Function of Ginger Extract
- Jan 08, 2019 -

1. Some studies indicate ginger may provide short-term relief of pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting. Ginger was found to be more effective than placebo for treating nausea caused by seasickness, morning sickness and chemotherapy, although ginger was not found superior to placebo for pre-emptively treating post-operative nausea.

2. Ginger was classified as a stimulant and carminative and used frequently for dyspepsia, gastroparesis, slow motility symptoms, constipation, and colic.

Ginger has been promoted as a cancer treatment "to keep tumors from developing".

3. Ginger is a free radical scavenger, antioxidant; thus inhibits lipid peroxidation and that these attributes could be contributing to its known gastroprotective effects.