Do you know what is the organic food ?
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Do you know what is the organic food ?

The goal of organic products is to return to nature and protect the environment.

The concept of organic products has four meanings:

1. The principle of organic agriculture is to produce in the closed cycle of energy in the agricultural ecosystem. All processes use agricultural resources, but do not use energy sources other than agriculture (fertilizer, pesticide, production regulator and additive, etc.) to influence and change the energy cycle of agriculture.Organic agriculture is a production system of fertilizers, pesticides, production regulators and feed additives that is completely or almost completely free of artificial synthesis.Organic agricultural production mode is an effective circulation utilizing four production factors in the ecosystem, including animals, plants, microorganisms and soil, without breaking the biological cycle chain.Organic products are natural, pollution-free, safe and nutritious food, also known as "ecological food".

2. Organic products are produced and processed according to the standards of organic agriculture and international organic food association (IFOAM).The production of organic products must establish strict quality management system, production process control system and tracking system.In the production and processing of organic products, the standards for the production, collection, processing, packaging, storage and transportation of organic products must be strictly followed. The use of chemical synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and food additives, as well as the use of genetic engineering technology and its products and derivatives, shall be prohibited.The production base of organic products needs a transition period: no pesticides and fertilizers must be used for the first 2-3 years of organic production.

3. Demonstrated by "IFOAM accreditation body "(IAP), an organic product certification organization, and issued the certificate.

4. Organic food is truly natural, pollution-free, high grade, high quality, safe and nutritious healthy food, including agricultural and sideline products and their primary and deep processing products;Such as grains, vegetables, fruits, beverages, milk, livestock products, aquatic products, spices, oils, fruits, honey, drugs, alcohol and so on;Organic products, in addition to organic food, include all kinds of truly natural, pollution-free, high-grade, high-quality and safe non-human food products, such as machine textiles, leather, cosmetics, forest products, furniture and other living materials, feed, biological pesticides, fertilizers and other organic production materials.