- Dec 03, 2018 -


Product Name: Bromelain

Other name(s):  Ananas comosus, Bromelin, Broméline, Concentré de Protéase Végétale,

Plant origin:Ananas comosus (Linn.) Merr.

Appearance:Light Yellow Powder


May Help Prevent Cancer

Helps Treat Digestive Disorders

Supports Faster Recovery from Surgery and Injuries

Fights Allergies and Asthma

Helps Prevent or Treat Sinus Infections (Rhinosinusitis)

Helps Decrease Joint Pain

May Support Weight Loss


1.Baked goods: adding bromelain to the dough will degrade the gluten and make the dough soft and easy to process.It can improve the taste and quality of biscuits and bread.

2.Cheese: bromelain is used to coagulate casein.

3.Meat tenderation: bromelain hydrolyzes large molecular proteins of meat protein into small, easily absorbed amino acids and proteins.It can be widely used in the precision processing of meat products.

4.In other food processing: increase the bean cake and soybean meal of PDI and NSI value, produce soluble protein products and soybean meal, breakfast cereal and material.

5.Others: Produce dehydrated beans and margarine.Clarify apple juice;Make soft candy, etc.

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