100% EU and NOP Organic Beet Root powder
- Nov 23, 2018 -

1.The Organic Beet Root Powder is naturally rich in vitamins ,With the highest sugar content of all the vegetables.
2.Beet root powder is used to flavor carrot, celery, and other vegetable juices,being used to add color to a variety of foods.
3.Added to salad dressings, spaghetti sauces and tomato products (juices and sauces)

Benefits of Beet Root Powder :

What is beet root powder good for? Because of its high fiber content, beet root prevents constipation and promotes regularity for a healthy digestive tract. Beet root powder benefits our blood in many aspects: lowering blood pressure, normalizing the blood's pH balance, increasing blood flow, and improving the blood quality. Moreover, beetroot contains many nutrients, but its primary beneficial compound is betaine which is known for its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support in the body. Betaine may also support the livers ability to process fat, so it may possibly prevent the accumulation of fatty tissues in the liver, especially in heavy drinkers.

Beet Root Powder Nutrition Facts: 100g

Protein        2.7g

Carbohydrate         60.4g

-sugars            55.6g

Dietary fibre       21.2g

Sodium       590mg

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